Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two weeks?

The big question at our house has been, "How long until I can ride again?" Ironically, I was not the one primarily asking. Chris was keenly interested in when it was I could get back on the bike. I was pretty content taking it easy.
I went on my first walk/hike the first Saturday (three days after). It was a slow-going, ginger pace. I just walked the dirt road above Timp Park while Chris rode his bike. I did not make it very far. I did this for the first two weeks. My speed/distance steadily increased, except for one time when Tex took a tumble down the side hill and then Chris "rock surfed" down to rescue him. Amazingly, Tex was okay. None the less, we called it quits early and returned to the car.
A little after a week, Chris started to ask when I was going to try riding. The doc had scared me though. He mentioned that if things get messed up down there from trying to ride too early, they can't do anything about it. I looked online for information. No one had anything conclusive; it basically came down to a vague "few weeks". Chris asked what I was going to do. I finally told him, I would assess the situation at two weeks.
At two weeks, I put my bike on the trainer and threw my leg over the top tube. I was apprehensive even though things had been feeling good. I timidly sat on the saddle; it was not too bad. I rode, mostly seated, for 25 minutes. I felt pretty good. I rode for 30 minutes a couple days later. The next day, Chris worked early so he got off early. I asked if he would be ok while I went for a road ride.
I rode my bike for an hour or so on the road. I wore my HR monitor and averaged 153. I felt light and free. I pushed but did not try to bury it or anything. I just savored every pedal stroke, feeling alive as the wind cut threw my jersey.
I still have a bit of a gut, but my body has mostly returned to a more normal state. There are still physiological differences but I am pretty confident that I will get my body back.
So to answer the lingering question, "How long after pregnancy until I can ride my bike?" for me it was two weeks. I did have some strategic cutting done, but I don't think it was anything too severe. I am really looking forward to my first dirt session. Hopefully, I will get to it this weekend. It just takes my planning and preparation.

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Erica said...

You are amazing, two weeks! So happy to hear you are pedaling again.