Saturday, May 23, 2015

It is here.

 On Saturday I got this box. I have been waiting a long time for it and was super excited. It was a long day of putting it together (Chris did most to all of it).

The long awaited box

 The result was this. We will be making some slight changes on the accessories, but this was just so I could ride it in Moab that Monday. It handled the dirt and rocks like a pro. I felt super smooth and in control. I did go through the FIVE inches of plush travel on occasion. Chris asked about how it felt on the small bumps...I didn't even feel them.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

It has been hard to find the right window to ride these days. I did get out for a glorious ride  from home. This was a view on one of the peaks.

And I was able to sell my Element. This was with mixed emotions. I really liked it. I was grateful for the money, but it left a bit of emptiness in my heart. I am thinking that will be filled with my Thunderbolt though. 

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