Sunday, February 26, 2006

recovery ride

Chris and I went on a recovery ride today. The weather was warm again, but not as sunny. If the clouds would have melted away, it would have been completely amazing. The plan was to ride up Southfork, but we ran into a little snow and figured it would get much worse the further we traveled. We look forward to when we can ride the Alpine Loop, but it will probably still be quite a while. The trip was about 55 miles. It was difficult for me to consciously keep my heart rate down. I think it would be easier to recover riding solo than with another. I hate falling behind! It was a good ride though.
My contacts (local news) indicates stormy weather is coming again this week. This warm spell was just a tease. Deep down I knew that was the case, but I really wanted it to be the seasonal warming. It is hard to be me.

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