Sunday, February 26, 2006

the weather was beautiful

The weather was beautiful this week. It was great to not have to return from Arizona and ride indoors again. I was able to be outside on my bike five days this week. So nice! Yesterday, we put in 75 miles in sunny 60 degree weather. Amazing. We went all over Utah County, including climbing the temple and Indian Hills twice.
I, of course was the slow one, but was able to hang longer than some of the others. I had posted an email to the team that Chris and I were going to ride and we actually had some peopel agree to ride with us. As I have mentioned in earlier entries, Tim is about the only one who joins us. This time we had Tim plus Adam and Adam. Adam is the same Adam who raced Old Pueblo with us. He likes the endurance rides, but tends to train on dirt roads lately. Adam is new to the team. I don't remember seeing him before or being introduced. It was good having some additional people to ride with.

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