Monday, March 13, 2006

2 types of drivers

After putting 80 miles in on Saturday and spending Sunday with the in-laws eating Cadbury Mini-Eggs, I was excited at the prospect of riding today. About half way I ran into snow...alot of snow, but that is not what I am going to blog about. Before, the snow I ran into two polar opposite drivers.
The first was the over cautious, you must be six because you are on a bike type of driver. This is the driver who gives cyclist the right of way no matter what. Let me give some examples. Today, I was at a two way stop that crossed a four lane road. I was heading straight and there was a car across from me with its left turn signal on. My understanding of the law is that because she was there first, I have to wait for her. Cars cleared and she could have gone, but she didn't. She had another chance but she still would not pull out. On the third chance she frantically waves for me to go. At the same intersection I have had cars that were going 40+ mph come to a complete stop so I can cross. Nice yes, but are they going to have all the other cars coming the subsequent lanes stop too? Granted I do wear my hair in pig tails from time to time and I look younger than I am, but I am pretty sure I don't look so young that she has to make sure I cross the street okay. My mom said I could ride.
This type of driver although trying to be considerate still endangers lives by this behavior. In order for me to anticipate her actions she has to obey certain rules or laws as prescribed in her driver's ed. class. Essentially, these drivers are trying to kill with kindness.
The second type is just the blantant or completely ignorant jerk. Today, I was not screamed at, told to ride on the sidewalk, nor did I have anything thrown at me. I didn't have to eat some big trucks exhaust as he accelerated by me as is often the case. But after I safely crossed the precarious intersection from above, a truck pulls out heading the opposite direction and decides he is going to take the entire road. It wasn't close or anything, but it order to keep my momentum I had to jump on the sidewalk allow him to have full rights to the road.
This type of driver feels that because he is in a car, truck, van, whatever, he is better than me. Chris's is theory is that these people are afraid of spandex, which could be the case.
My thought today was, that we need these two types of drivers to breed so we can have a perfect driving race. Think about it...not so nice combine with the I am better than you would potentially produce drivers who understand that bikes are alot like vehicles and should be treated as such. Or if it is easier, we are motorcycles without the motors...same rules apply. Breeding..that is the answer!

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