Friday, March 10, 2006

Why do I ride?

I was finally able to ride outside today. It was snowy, rainy, and/or miserable on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. While I was basking in the sun and trying to stay warm on the bike, I started to think about why it is I ride.
I ride to eat. I love food, but am afraid of being fat. I have always been pretty athletic and active. Now days, I try to eat sensibly, but riding gives me the freedom to splurge without being guilty.
I ride for stress relief. I don't really consider my life stressful, but I know that when I don't ride I start to get cranky, little things will start to bother me.
I ride to think. I tend to get epiphanies on the bike. Riding clears my head and lets my thoughts wonder. Of course, these happen most often when I am riding by myself because I don't have to pay attention to social norms of a peleton.
I ride to be competetive. I am competitive, but it is pretty balanced. There are things that I don't care to compete with, but there are others that just eat me up. Riding helps keep it all in balance.
I ride for joy and freedom. I love to feel the wind of cruising down the road or trail. I like to go fast (but not too fast). I love the adrenaline.
I ride because it makes everything okay and puts life in perspective.

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