Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the act of regaining or returning toward a normal/healthy state

Recovery...I really think it depends on your definition. As I was climbing Squaw Peak with Chris yesterday he made the comment that I suck at doing one thing on the bike (besides taking corners)--recovering. Granted since the Epic, I have done a short mountain ride at Brianhead (Sunday), rode up the left fork of Springville Canyon (Monday), and then Squaw Peak on Tuesday. That may not sound like recovery. We/I have ridden slower than normal. For example, my heart rate topped out at 164 yesterday and averaged around 150. This is not that high and as the definition states close to my "normal or healthy state". I was also the last to summit and gave no chase to Adam, Carson or Keith.
Tonight I plan on doing the Soldier Hallow race which is short and could be considered recovery depending again on your definition.
***still no official results from the Epic***


Adam Lisonbee said...

It sounds to me like you are doing "active recovery". Which I think is more effective than "sitting on your butt at home recovery".

After a hard or long effort the legs need some light activity to spin all the junk out of them, otherwise you will wake up in the morning with heavy, sore legs.

I was surprised at the discipline Chris showed on the climb up Squaw peak...I thought he'd chase me on up. :D

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