Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the after math

I rode yesterday and again today. I have made a point not to elevate my heart rate too much at all. I have been staying in the 130's. I felt a lot better today than yesterday..atleast my legs did. I can still feel tightness/pain in my back when I stand certain ways. I can feel it a bit on the bike but it is not bad. My undercarriage is okay for about a half an hour and then it starts to revolt after that. I am not so concerned about it. I should probably be doubling up on my chamois. The only other part that still hurts is my left wrist. It is winning in the pain game. It isn't always constant and it is usually an annoying ache when I hold it certain ways and there are a few movements where it really hurts!
I can't imagine that it is broken because I don't know when or how it could have happened. It is different than most sprains or strains that I have experienced though.

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LyndaW said...

Looks like a classic case of tendonitis to me. Did you see Ellen's arm after the race? Looked exactly the same as yours. All that braking and those bumps for hours.