Saturday, September 02, 2006

So I decided to go in and get my wrist checked yesterday. I have a fracture that extends from the distal end to the side. I had mixed emotions about it. At first, I was somewhat relieved because I hate going to the doctor only to realize they don't know what it is either. So atleast I knew what was wrong. Alternatively it is fractured and that is not good.
The doctor indicated that it should heal well. It is in a cast. I asked about a splint but he felt that with riding it would be better protected in a cast. He said I could still ride, so I relented and got a blue cast put on.
We went for a ride this morning around west mountain. Yeah, it is not good--no more mixed emotions. I can't get a good grip on my bars. My arms fatigued really fast because of the new position that I am forced to take. My legs were feeling it today too. Eric, Keith, Chris and Tim kept riding, but I peeled off once we got into spanish fork. With LoToJa next weekend, I didn't want to do too much and I was feeling it.
I told Chris that I wanted to do some cast modification today. I don't feel comfortable on my bike the way the cast is now. If I am going to ride 200+ miles I am going to need to be as comfortable as possible. Until then, lots of milk, LifePak and Bone Formula.
Oh yeah, results for the e100 are here.

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