Sunday, August 27, 2006

e100 quick thoughts

the e100 is over. here is a quick overview.
stage 1: all nerves, mental mistakes, and slippery bridges
stage 2: fun (my favorite stage)
stage 3: opposition started good, ended terrible; rain and hail
stage 4: felt better, fun descents,got lost and fell behind
stage 5: so long...and brutal, i am so glad to be done!
thanks to: Pharmanex!, monica, bob, jen, chris, boris
now i hurt in more places than i ever have:
1. my knees
2. quads
3. triceps
4. wrist
5. hands
6. my forhead (from my helmet)
7. my back
8. and my under carriage
Before the can tell because we don't look absolutely wasted.

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