Monday, August 21, 2006

to ride

The answer is to ride. Pharmanex pulled through and is going to pay. I am pretty excited. I am leaning towards the 100 miles versus the 100k. I figure just go for it. I am going to suffer, but I can...I know how. I also thought about the Epic. I was elated to be done, but I was not completely done. I had more in me. These are my thoughts today though...I am a woman and may change my mind.

On my ride yesterday I tried to take a picture of this peacock twice. Down in the gully before getting to the mouth of the canyon in springville from mapleton, there is a farm that has peacocks. One was on the side of the road and I tried to take his picture on the way up Hobble Creek and also on the way back. He would not have it though. I have to try again.


LyndaW said...

Do the 100 miler.

You can doooo it!!!

Adam Lisonbee said...

Yeah, do the 100 miler! If you are going to suffer, may as well suffer BIG!

That is cool Pharmenex is coming through for you.

UltraRob said...

If you're doing it for training for LOTOJA and 24 hours of Moab, then you should do the 100 miler.