Sunday, August 20, 2006

no lights

I am completely serious and would invite any and every coment, because I truely do not understand. Maybe it is because I am clueless--which we will get to also. Let me start at the beginning.

Chris and I did a night ride up south fork. We parked at the mouth of provo canyon just past dark and got our lights and bikes ready to go. As we were headed up the path on our way to Vivian Park, we ran into several long boarders. We tried to be curteous and inhibit our lights from blinding people, but it was a learning process. Here is what I don't get. All these long lights. Some had glowing bracelets or necklaces, but no lights. Isn't that dangerous? Don't little rocks toss the board? I spent one summer thinking I could learn to skate board and I hated pebbles. So is it a rush to long board in the dark?

As we were getting to the trail. I became confused not only about long boarding, but it took forever to get to the pond past Bridal Veil. Then it seemed so slow getting to other various check points like Vivan Park, and houses up the road. I remembered riding in Moab at night and thinking that it seemed like I would go so fast at night. Then not long before the trail it dawned on me....I am on a mountain bike. I had been riding this on a road bike all summer and I know that road bikes are much faster. I would like to blame it on the fact that it was late, but just being clueless makes more sense.

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