Sunday, August 20, 2006

to ride or not to ride

The e100 in next weekend. I have been struggling with the decision to or not to do this event. Chris is going to do it and so part of me wants to do it with him. Another part is like, eh... That leads me to believe that it is probably not worth the money to do it. I could go on a long road ride that day and be just as well off. Along this line, I have not done much endurance preparation this summer. Granted I did do the Epic and have LOTOJA and 24 hours of Moab coming up, but like I said a long road ride would probably be just as beneficial if not more.

Then I thought well if I could get someone to pay for it maybe then it would be worth it. So I asked Pharmanex if they would be willing to spring for it, so they could have representation. Pharmanex is a nutraceutical company that is a sponsor of the e100 and part of the company that I work for. I should find out early this week--hopefully. So then if they do pony up for the event. Should I ride the 100 miles or the 100k. I know that I could do the 100k. The 100 miles would be brutal. Here is some prespective. The course record for the Epic is 7:15 round 'bout. The e100 is about 10:15. See the difference. I would be on the course for-ev-er or a good 12-13 hours. Decisions?

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