Sunday, November 12, 2006

During this holiday season, I started to think of all the things that I am grateful for. One of them is great friends. Chris obviously being my best friend. But I am also thankful for friends like Maren. For example, she let me borrow her Vicious Cyclocross bike for the race this weekend. It has a interesting paint job. As can be seen below. Now something that has to be

said about Maren. She is a bit of a princess--in that she has the best of everything when it comes to bikes. This bike is spec'd with campy record. I was nervous the whole time about scratching it or breathing on it wrong. But it was great to ride in the race.

On the way to SL, it sprinkled on and off and I was dreading having to race in the rain. Luckily, it held off. As we got to the start line, Maren told me to stare at Kathy Sherwin's wheel the whole time. I said I know. But something happens on the start line. I start feeling like I have no business being there. I don't go out hard out of "respect" thinking that others will just have to pass me in a minute or so. Then I end up behind people that I just have to pass. Such was this race. I let Kathy, Jen Hanks, and this other girl take off first. I got stuck behind the other girl for awhile and then I passed her. Then it took awhile to catch and find a place to pass Jen. By this time Kathy was gone.

At the end of the second lap I made a wrong turn and took some guy and Jen with me. Jen realized where she was before I did and then she was in front again. I caught her and stayed with her for a bit. I was able to pass her on the next longer stretch. I was not in front and knew I had to put distance on her. After a set of obstacles and a run up, I mounted and as I pedaled realized the chain had fallen off. I had to get off and place it back on the big chain ring from the pedal side. Jen passed me again. I was on the chase yet again as I got back on my bike. This took me awhile and finally was able to pass her yet again. Distance was all I could think about. On the last lap, I was nervous that something else would go wrong and I would not have enough time to get back ahead. Luckily, the last lap was incident free.

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