Sunday, November 19, 2006

with no cyclocross race this weekend, i decided to join chris on his riding adventure. he planned to do a mountain ride around nine with some friends and then road ride afterwards. this seemed like a good plan to me. so we strapped his bikes on top and tossed mine into the car. i had thought about taking the single speed, but was hestiant because we would be with other people. then chris mentioned it so i thought it would be okay. that was a mistake.
when everyone (chris, tim, carson, scott, keith, adam, and i) had gotten ready, it was decided to ride frank's. i hate frank's! i hate frank's on a geared bike. it is incredibly steep in sections and rocky. as i realized what was in store i was dreading the next couple of hours. adam was also on a single speed, but he is much stronger than i am. i couldn't climb anything. my heart rate was pegged and i pushed my bike up probably as much as i road. i was exhilarated to be done.
after tim had yet another tire issue, which broke up the group--carson, scott, keith and adam had to head home--tim, chris and i road the race course and then dragon's back. i don't if it was a fun game for them or what, but tim and chris kept making me come down hills just to go back up because "they got turned around." descending dragon's back was fun and then we headed to the cars to get our road bikes.
we then headed back up the canyon and road to the top of south fork. we were the sorriest bunch of riders. each of us complaining about how tired our legs were. it was crazy how cold the shaded areas were compared to those in the sunlight. in the grand tradition of south fork also, we had a great tail wind heading up and head wind coming back. this amount of riding had earned us bajio, so we stopped and got the burrito classico. totaly worth it!

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