Sunday, December 31, 2006

we spent the day on gooseberry mesa. it was a good day...very little wind. we could not ask for much more. it was a bit wet and snowy which caked my crows. i had trouble with traction on many of the climbs and some off camber ledges. i also ended up tearing the side wall in my front. i had barely enough stan's to fill it. luckily it happened when we were just about done. chris and tim were happy that i finally had a tire issue. we ended up having to pump it up twice before getting back to the car. chris was crashed. he was warning me to be careful with his weight forward he rolled into a little two inch ledge and endoed. he bent his rear mechanism hanger pretty badly and ended up with very few gears for the last half of the day. he essentially had a really heavy single speed.we ended up on bowls and ledges which we have never ridden before. that was a lot of fun. i want to down load a map of the area and plan a specific ride for next time. as tim kept saying this is the best network of trails.

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