Wednesday, January 03, 2007

so i decided that i need to start doing mutliple rides per day to prepare for 24 hours in the old pueblo. yesterday i did one ride for a mere hour--a ride short of my intent. today i did two rides--again a ride short of my intent. maybe tomorrow i will think about doing four rides so that i can actually get three rides in. well, i really do not intend on doing four or even three rides, i will hope to do two.
on monday (happy new year), chris and i participated in the first annual new years day ride up squaw peak sponsored (initiated) by kenny jones. so we arrived at the turn off to squaw peak around 9:30 am. as we were getting our bikes ready, we realized how incredibly cold it really was and how under dressed we may have been. as people began to show up, it did not warm up. we started climbing a little after 10. I was excited to see the snow section because that meant we would inately slow down and hopefully warm up. that is how it happened too. it was perfect climbing. unfortunately we waited until everyone got to the top before coming down. this gave me plenty of time to cool off and get cold. after a quick picture at the top we started down. it was cold, COLD, COLD on the way down. we passed two guys on horses heading up and i lost control of my bike and lightly crashed right in front of them. i looked up and told them my bike got scared by their horses. they gave me a cordial laugh. I thought it was clever. by the time we got to the pavement, i was really apprehensive of the last portion of the descent. i was practically lotoja 2005 cold. chris hurried down to the car to get it running and warmed up for me. i did everything i could to not allow my body to start shivering on the way down. i knew the convulsions would make it difficult to control my bike. i was so happy to be done in spite of the enjoyable time i had riding.

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