Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chris decided he couldn't handle spending the weekend in Utah County. Who can blame him with the weather we had on Friday. So we left this behind and headed to Moab. I was a bit nervous about the roads, but they were not bad. There was one little rough patch heading up the canyon towards Price. Once we got to I-70 there was snow on the side of the road which lasted until we almost got to Moab. We had planned on riding surprise there. We decided that we would start with Amasa Back which climbs first and then once it warms up we would ride out and tackle Sovreign.The weather was a bit cold to start off, but it seemed to warm up fast. In Old Pueblo my rear brakes started to have issues. I took it to the shop before we left, but when I got on my bike at the Amasa Back trailhead, I did not have much of a brake at all. By the time we got to the top of Amasa Back, I had to pull my brake all the way to the grip to get anything. Chris kept asking about it and I tried to tell him it was okay because I did not want him to worry. He figured it out though when I stopped pulled my brake and tried to spin the wheel to see if I had anything. He is a quick one. Needless, to say it was not the most enjoyable time descending. I LOVE coming down Amasa Back. It is a blast. Today...not so much fun. I just did not trust my brake so I tried not to pick up too much speed. I rode it as I had done probably three years earlier...much slower. It was still fun but it did not live up to its potential.We then had to waste an hour getting it fixed. The mechanic, John, at Moab Cyclery indicated that the fluid that comes in the brakes originally is not compatible with the fluid that most shops use. The later being much less expensive than the former. This causes a break down of the fluid and hence the brakes don't work. He flushed my system three times and filled it again. It worked much better. My brake actually catches half way through the pull AND it is not adjusted out all the way. Who would have thought!
Chris is considering doing the Rim Ride in Moab later this spring with Adam. He is trying to convince me to do it with them. So we headed towards Sovreign on this route. We took the old highway to Bar M Loop and then caught a section of Sovreign single track which I had not done before. It was pretty cool. He mentioned I might need to walk a section as we approached it, but I don't know what he was talking about. Sometimes he has no faith in me. There were some sandy patches but luckily the rain yesterday made it really ridable. My timing was really off on the trail. I kept lifting my front too late on a bunch of climbs (moves). I struggled with one that I have been able to clear in the past. I did it on the way back though and beat it. It was a good time, but I have to admit I did get frustrated at times.
As to whether or not I am going to do the Rim Ride with is still debatable.I don't have any children, so here is a picture of my dog. Isn't he cute?

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