Thursday, February 22, 2007

My third lap was barren or so it seemed. I passed Adam Lisonbee on this lap. I did not see him, but I heard him yell out to me. He did so well. This lap was hard. It is motivating for me to see lights in the distance and try to pick them off. Night riding always seems so fast, but it is easy to fall into too comfortable of a pace. I did not have my heart rate monitor to help guage my efforts either. I was breathing hard but based on my time, I fell into a slump and was just riding. On this lap, some guy came up behind me on the High Point Trail. I asked if he wanted to pass, but he declined. He said something that I couldn't understand. As I asked him "what?", I thought to myself "I asked if he wanted to pass." He repeated "keeping pushing are riding faster than half the guys." Then he passed me like I was standing still.
After this lap I actually felt hungry. I was excited for this because I often don't feel like eating anything and have to force food down. I ate some soup and went to lie down. I may have even dozed on and off but sleep was hard to come by. I had difficulty sleeping the night before and felt restless most of this night. Although light came quickly, it did not warm up as I had hoped until much later in the day.
My last lap seemd like I was in slow motion without the shadow of night riding. the wind (which had been blosing consistently) seemed even stronger adding to my sluggish feeling. I felt okay , but my legs were not light and snappy. Then again they didn't feel sompleetely dead either. I was excited to be done.
Below are examples of the catcus that are abundant in the area. Most of the trail is much more dense with multiple types of these prickly plants.

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