Sunday, February 11, 2007

this week was on and off again. the wether was good, but I wasn't always. for example, on tuesday i had every intention to ride and was excited to do so. a project that i was given monday afternoon and told that i had a couple of days to finish was actually due on tuesday afternoon. i got the update on tuesday morning. needless to say, i spent all day trying to finish. i did not even take a break for lunch. i did get it done though, but i did not get to ride.
wednesday went as planned and then came thursday. i woke up okay but by the time i got out of the shower i did not feel well. my stomach was really upset and ate very little through out the day. i did not think going for a ride would be appropriate. i felt better by the next day.saturday chris went down to ride in moab with or friend brad. i was not able to get away. the weather was really nice here which helped ease my pain. i put in 50+ miles on the road. I was good for the first two hours and then my legs were gone. i practically limped home i was so spent. it was a good ride though.

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