Sunday, February 04, 2007

the first race of the season has come and gone...the frozen hog. it lived up to its name. the course was definitely frozen whether it was frozen dirt or simply pure ice. maneuvering around corners was interesting to say the least. i was lucky and never went down, but i did have to put a foot down mutliple times many of which caused me to loose my momentum.
the course was crowded too. that made it more difficult. several times i found myself behind someone that fumbled up a climb that caused me to have to come to a stop. one time it allowed about five individuals to pass me distancing me from my competition. i also made the classical "kc error". the men and women of the each class went out together. i tend to let the guys go in these situations. well, this was a mistake. i got caught behind slower guys and slower women. i spent the first half of the race trying to catch up to where i should have started. the second half we hit lap traffic. there was a small portion of a lap where it was clear in front of me. that was nice. i ended up winning my class and definitely got the intesity workout i was looking for.
it was a short race though. so afterwards chris and i got a quick bite and then headed up provo canyon. we parked at aspen grove and rode to the top of the alpine loop. it was a beautiful climb. the weather was perfect. the top had a very cold breeze though. it was a good ride and my legs felt it today.

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