Sunday, March 11, 2007

It was a great week to ride. I put in two 50+ mile rides. One was around west mountain. On the north side just south of the lake there were piles of ice. They were deposited there from the wind and waves. It was so cool looking. There was so much ice. I also had an opportunity to take my single speed out for a real ride. The trails just up provo canyon were in great condition. We rode the old race course a couple times and then climbed to the upper road. We went towards Pleasant Grove on the Bonneville then came back and down Dragon's Back. On one of the climbs my heart rate was 186. Chris laughed at me and told me I was weak. I couldn't say much at all and by the time I caught my breath the moment was gone.
This week is supposed to be even nicer...he warmest days of the year. I am excited to get out and enjoy it.

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