Sunday, March 25, 2007

We just got back from moab. it started off sketchy but ended really well. chris kept changing plans on me. By the time we left on Friday he had decided that we would get up whenever saturday and go ride around the area of the rim ride. That quickly changed. We got up and were there for the 6 am start. He said we would just drop out when we stopped having fun. Not long after the sun came up and I needed to make some adjustments...foggy glasses and what not, he was complaining about making too many stops. I thought we were just out riding with the group. It was drizzling on and off and the course was WET. Sovreign was pretty slick due to the sand. It was still good though. After what we usually do, we ended up heading further north. The climbs were clay and slick. We had to walk and push our bikes which kept getting heavier and heavier as they became more caked with mud. Chris's bike would not shift in his small ring. By the time we got to 191, he was not sure what he wanted to do. I was up for whatever. We waited for Adam FOREVER. He never came and we started getting cold so we decided to head back on the road. By the time we got back to the car and were ready to head back to the hotel, Adam showed up in a mini-van. He had broke his derailleur hanger. He was done.
We got something to eat. Adam went home and chris and I headed to amasa back. It was still raining, but we figured that Amasa back might be sandy--not muddy. We were right. It was alot of fun. The redeeming quality of Saturday was the warmth. It was wet, but definitely not cold. Notice the puddle behind chris...did I mention it had been raining. We rode porcupine rim with Dave Harris. I struggled climbing, but I will attribute that to the sand covered slick on my rear wheel. It does not get much traction. I descended pretty well though. I stuck to the "no crashing" rule...that was until we rode Flat Pass.
The trail split and chris was ahead of me. He was going left and said I should go right. I was a bit surprised because left looked like it would be easier. He said right though. Usually, I am not very good at left and right this time I did go right. There were these huge rocks and a drop. By the time I got to the drop, I realized my front wheel needed to be pushed further out than I was able to. I was going to go over. I was right. I endo'd slow. My left foot stayed clipped in and my bike landed on top of me. I looked up at chris. here is the conversation:
Chris: I told you to go right
(pause, KC looks really confused)
Chris: Wait, before I yell at you. Are you and your bike okay?
KC: Yeah, I think so.
(KC gets up and spins the wheels and they looked good)
Chris: I told you to go right.
KC: I did go right.
Chris: oh, yeah. I meant left. It was just a dirt road.
KC: I was surprised you said to go right.
Chris: Did you have a yard sale?
KC: No, my water bottle just fell out.
After riding a while and thinking about it, I asked Chris never to use the term "yard sale." It just sounds so red neck. He was shocked that I felt this way. He said if that was the way I felt, we were no longer friends and he was done talking to me. I welcomed the silence. It did not last long though, luckily. We decided to turn back after an hour. The endo was like kryptonite and drained me. I had nothing left on the way back. I could not pick my front wheel. Twice I barrelled into a rock and the bike popped out from under me. I was really grateful to get back to the car.

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