Sunday, April 15, 2007

I was a wimp this week riding wise. It just seemed too cold and my work schedule has been and will be hectic. I just need to pick a time and ride. No excuses. This weekend we put (round about) 8 hours on the bike. We did a long mountain ride with a sizable group from Mad Dog. We started with a few laps on the race course, up Frank's, over dragon's back, back towards the parking lot to pick up Adam, the south side of Bonneville and returned to the parking lot. A few individuals left, while the rest of us went up dragon's back and then rode the north side of Bonneville. We lost the rest and chris and I went up Frank's down to the race course and to the car. Disater struck the last 100 feet on the dirt. Chris pinched his tire and put a big dent in his new Race X Lite wheel. He was pretty upset. His rear wheel was having issues holding air, but he thought it was fixed. Apparently not.
We also rode up Squaw Peak. This was windy. We rode from home and did he usual 'tour of home' through Mapleton and came down through Springville. We were interupted by some old friends and spent a few mintues talking to them. To get through Provo, we ride up and over Slate Canyon and then take the 'tree streets' to the Temple, and Indian Hills to the path up the Canyon. This includes a little climbing. We rode Squaw Peak road to Hope Campground just to see how far it was. Then we headed back to the top to look over the valley. The final climb was tough on the legs. Once at the top it started to get dark and cold. Luckily our car was in town so we didn't have to ride all the way back home against the wind again.

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