Thursday, May 31, 2007

Results for the 2007 ironhorse bicycle classic are posted here. I did not take any pictures over the weekend, but Brad did. I am hoping to get copies. I will post them as they become available.
Last night I pre-road the course for this weekends race at Sundance. I actually raced it on my single speed. It gets pretty steep at the top and I had to walk some parts. I should not have the same problems with my geared bike. Hopefully, I can even ride it on my third lap.
So I caught the "slow guy" from last weeks race. I passed him when we were on the first third of the climb. I felt like asking him if this start was fast enough as I went him. But then I didn't.
I have come to realize that I had more guts, I could be a really mean person. I have mean, vindictive yet creative thoughts that would never act upon.
Anyway, the race went well and I had a really good time. Once again though I am hoping for a little rain to keep the dust down. It won't happen though--it is not a perfect world.

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StupidBike said...

KC, it wasn't the same guy, I know who it was, and was going to discuss it with him, when he told me that he was done racing forever, so i did not want to bring up his poor race etiquette.

I know him and he is a nice guy, must of been a bad day, but damn, you Heather and Jen should of pushed him over :)