Monday, June 04, 2007

I raced at sundance this weekend and it was good. The weather up there was really close to perfect. It was warm but not hot. Upon arrival, I noticed that I had super low pressure in my rear tire. As I pumped it up, I noticed I had worn a hole in the side wall and Stan's sealant was not going to be able to fix it. So I had to throw a tube in it. Crow's should not be run with a tube. Due to high air pressure needed for a tube, I had difficulty gettig traction on the loose switchback inclines. Ugh! It also took me an entire lap before I realized I should really lock out my fork for the climbs. I, of course, forgot to unlock it at the top on my third lap and had to reach down to unlock it at a less opportune time. My new bike will have a remote lock out which will be really nice. Just a push of the finger for unlocking and locking. Results can are posted as are pictures for the Sundance Spin. My number was 127 and Chris is always #8. Chris looks like he is going much faster in his pictures. He probably is.

Well, it is a good thing I am not as overtly mean as my thoughts are. The "slow guy" decided racing was not for him after the initial race and at last wednesday's race it was a completely different person. That was a close one. My apologies for number 2.

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