Friday, July 06, 2007

to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy, chris and I invited our friends to join us on a road ride up and over the nebo loop. in all honesty, we did not expect anyone to come. it was the 4th of july during parade time. usually, family obligations take priority, but Keith, Adam, Scott, and Tim joined us at 5:30 am. well, tim did not make it until 6:00, but that is pretty par for the course.
the ride was good. minimal traffic on the way up and nothing at the top or on the way down. adam has his climbing legs, so he and chris had to wait for us at the utah lake overlook. chris and I broke away at the top and just the two of us descended together. we regrouped at the gas station in Nephi. You know the one where there are always four wheelers gas up like they are cars. Adam, Scott, and Tim started to fade on the way back. Chris led and we kept breaking up. Keith was really strong though. I think it was the blue subaru-gary fisher jerseys. Everyone who was wearing one was strong on the way back. adam, scott, and Tim should go test drive a subaru so they can get one. at the end of the day, this ride made me glad to be an American.

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