Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am broken. I don't know what the deal was but I could not force myself to race. I did not feel bad, but I did not feel good. I was just sort of there. I simply rode...not really racing. I am not sure if it was not being fully recovered from last weekend's 12 hours (e100) or maybe it was wake boarding on wednesday which made me really sore for a few of days. All I know is it was not good. I was stuck in some sort of funk. Hopefully, I will get better...soon.
The intial climb at Solitude was just numbing. That is where I just lost it. I tried to get it back on the next lap when we (thankfully) got to do the switch back climbs. I lost traction and my bike slipped out from under me on one of the switch backs which just added to the empy feeling I was having. I was in survival mode for no apparent reason. On my last lap, Alex passed me towards the top of the initial climb. Then Bart passed me and gave me a little push after the first descent. I appreciated that.
Solitude has never been a good race for me. This is where I had my first encounter with the only truely mean person in the Intermountain Cup Series. Last year, I ended up crashing hard on my last lap seriously cracking my helmet. This year...broken for unknown reasons.
I tried to recover this week. I only rode on Monday and Tuesday with a short little spin on Friday. I wanted to race on Wednesday but didn't for the sake of recovery. I thought that would be good. Then there was the wakeboarding at our department off site. That used muscles in ways that I was not accustom. I was still just a bit sore on Saturday. Hopefully that was it. I am feeling much better today.
Wish me luck next week. I will apparently need it. Restults are here.

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