Saturday, August 25, 2007

We did it again this time on a single speed (ss). This time only Carson dared come with us. Others said they would join us--Keith, Adam, and Tim. I hope they are okay. I mean it would take something big if chris or I were to miss a ride. we will have to check on them.
chris and I left the parking lot by the mouth of the canyon and headed south and up to the Indian Road Trail Head to jump on the Bonneville shoreline trail. that initial climb is steep and I ended up having to walk some of it. (that will turn into a theme for the day.) We finished on the provo trail and headed to vivian park and then the rode the road to sundance. Carson met us in the parking lot and we all headed for a lap. the trail was deep in sections with dust. I again had to push my bike up the upper switchbacks. after riding at sundance we jumped back on the road and headed up towards aspen grove and beyond. I was surprised at how easy the 20 tooth cog was on the pavement. after getting water at the timp parking lot we took the trail up to the top of the loop. again, I had to push my bike multiple times. it was not necessarily the grade, but rather the grade combined with the terrain. I would spit rocks out or loose traction. when I would stop I would need to take a short break because my breathing was out of control. I was pushing really hard. I was very excited to get to the top and head over to the ridge. the ridge trail was great. Then again, it always is. I had to push my bike quite a bit up the trail by mud springs. after that though it was not so bad.
we essentially headed back the same way we came. i was really surprised at how well i did on the bonneville trail coming back. my legs were spent but I was able to keep a pretty steady pace. of course I did have to push my bike on the two steep switch backs. my lungs are now sore from breathing so hard. Each deep breath is a reminder of how hard I pushed.
Afterward it was off to cafe rio for a chicken breast salad. sweet reward!


Adam Lisonbee said...

I broke the 7 days of rest with some hill repeats on my road bike. It felt good to ride hard again--it felt good to be ABLE to ride hard again.

Brad Mullen said...

KC, you are scaring me! I want a SS but if you are hiking, I might as well forget it. I'll have to ride in running shoes! You are one tough momma and you guys are going to rock at the 24 Hours of Moab.