Saturday, September 15, 2007

It is a great time of year. The days are getting a bit cooler. The trees are changing colors and the plush green is turning vibrant red, orange, and yellow. Convention has come and gone. I have just about recovered from it. It was brutal, but now my life should calm down and I can take some more time for me. I hope to spend this extra time on my bike in the mountains with Chris. That is my favorite way to spend time.
This week I have tried to make up for lost riding time because last week (convention week) I couldn't ride. I was working long hours and spent the week in Salt Lake. I tried to ride on Monday, but I kept getting phone calls from work. My last chance to relax was stolen from me. I was ticked. Anyway, it is over and I am done with it.
I took Thursday off this week and went on a five and half hour ride. We went to the top of squaw peak and then the loop and back home again. Today, I rode the loop from home all by myself. I have never done this before and was excited. I love riding with Chris, but today it was nice to ride at my pace the entire time. I didn't have to worry about Chris' heart rate being too low; it was all about me. (Chris did ask what took me so long.) I sometimes get apprehensive about riding by myself. I just like to have someone around just in case.
Like yesterday, I was going on a quick lil' jaunt after work on the Bonneville South trail in Provo. It was going great and I had not messed up on a single climb. I made the first tight switch back and then my chain popped off. I walked to the top of the climb and had every intention to drop back down and climb it again. As I attempted to fix my chain it just messed things up further. Needless to say, I had to pump and coast to Squaw Peak road and then down to the car. But there were some good views on the way.

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