Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We took Chris' family on Bar M Loop. I would never have thought to take anyone on this. In fact, I really did not think of it as a trail but simply a way to get to sovreign. It was a great trail for the crew. Mike had it book marked as a trail to do. (He had several on his "we are not doing this trail list" too.) I think they all enjoyed his one more than anything else.I had never notice the amazing views from this trail when I had ridden it in the past.The La Sals got a little snow from the storm the night before. Sand was not an issue all weekend because of the rain.

After Bar M, Chris and I rode up to Porcupine Rim. Jeremy got dropped off at the top and this is where the weekend took a turn for the worse. Chris got a flat and there was not enough (or hardly any) Stan's in the tire. So he put in my spare tube. He commented about how he did not think it was a new tube. I assured him it was. He lost air pressure and ended up pinch flatting. (We will see later on that this was of no fault of mine or the tube.) So he put in his 26" tube which he carries as a spare because he can be a huge weight weenie. The same thing happened again. Jeremy then gave up his spare another 26" with sealant in it. This seemed to work. Then Jeremey got a flat and ended up having to walk out. It took a good 90 minutes more than it should have. Leslie (Chris' sister) was begining to freak out because we had been gone for so long. She anxiously waited for our phone call so she could come pick Jeremy up at the end of the trail. We of course did not have an service until we got back into town. Which gave Jeremy almost all the time he needed to walk to the end. Tex did Bar M with us and he was all tuckered out because of it. We rode at the perfect pace for him. He did have to be first the entire time though.

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