Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mike got a bit jipped out of the last ride. While we were doing Porcupine Rim, he was stuck home cooking. Monitor and merrimac was on his approved list of rides, so we decided to take him and Jeremy out to this trail. The sand had still not completely recovered from the previous storm, so it was very rideable. This was a cool little area.Mike took a bit of a spill on his bike and considered turning back because as he said he did not trust the equipment. This was in reference to his handlebars and stem turning. Chris comforted him enough that the continued though. I think he had a good time. This was my favorite picture of the weekend. This is about half way out. Chris got yet another flat on this trail. He recalled going through some goat heads and decided to check his tire. Yep, there were three stickers nestled in there. This was the end of the tire issues, but we were not in the clear yet.
After monitor and marrimac, we parted ways with Mike and Jeremy and rode sovreign again. It was alot of fun after I got trough the first two obstacles. I just could not climb them and it was very frustrating. But it is impossiblel to stay upset when you are on sovreign.

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