Monday, October 15, 2007

Just got back from Moab. The 24 hour race this year was great. The weather was a bit chilly for me, but otherwise incredible. For those who attempted to race it last year, this translates into no rain. The course was awesome. The sandy sections were minimal and almost all of it was rideable.
I was a bit concerned before hand at what I had gotten into being on a single speed team. I was not sure I could handle it, but I surprised myself and did alright. My lap time were really consistent. I felt great on my first lap. I had no issues except for in the start house. Adam--who had the lap before me--had some tire problems, so he came in much later than we expected him. I started to get nervous and we almost sent someone out on the course to check on him when he rolled in.
My second lap scared me. It was a night lap and things were going well. Chris and I were sharing lights and they got fully charged beforehand. I was nervous about that. About 11 miles into the 15 mile lap my handle bar light goes out. This makes no sense because like I said they were fully charged. Because they are the same light, I anticipate my helmet light is going to die also. I try to pick up the pace a bit to make it in before the battery dies. I make it maybe a mile or two and suddenly my left calf cramps up. I unclip, crumble to the ground, and scream. (Note: I always scream when this happens, but I scream something like "son of a..." or "oh, crap." These are always followed by an "Ow, ow, ow" of sorts. So it was not a girly scream.) I must of startled a guy in front of me because I see some light move towards me and a voice ask if I am okay. Without looking up, I tell him yes it is only a cramp and then I hear him move on. I sit there for a minute or so and try to stretch my leg. I am hoping no one comes by. I felt incompacitated and was in the middle of the optimal line for that section of the trail. My calf relaxes a bit and I gain mobility so on with the race. I was much more tentative out of fear my muscle would revolt against me again. I am still nervous about my light so I try turning my handle bar light back on. (I don't know why I did not do this earlier.) The light turns on which provides some comfort. I make it back to the start house with a respectable time, but I am ticked at the events.
I was not sure if the cramp was a dehydration issue or just a lack of electrolyte issue, so I drank four cups of gatorade between my second and third laps. Carson also hooked me up with some e-caps. I was a little apprehensive about this because I know to never try something new during a race, but he swore by them and let's face it I was desparate. I had a minimum of two laps still to do.
On my third and fourth lap, I could feel my calf but I did not cramp up. I think the cramping caused some tearing which made it sore. It has been able to feel it ever since. No big deal though.
So how did we (29, Single, Rigid) do. Really well. We (Brad, Chris, Adam, and I) took second in our division behind the incredibly fast Jack Mormon Militia--another utah county team--and 24th overall completeing 18 laps.


Brad Mullen said...

You've got to change your title form "Just Another Girl On A Bike" to something more appropriate. That is sooo misleading that you're going to hurt somebody someday. Warning: do not try to hang with this chick! You were one of the fastest chicks at 24HoM and, you were on a SS! Congrats to you and Chris on your great race and season.

Dave Harris said...

Nice riding out there KC - it was fun to ride with you a bit on your first lap. You were flying for sure! Those SS guys you were putting the hurt to looked so defeated.

UtRider said...

Yeah, you all rode awesome. It was fun to watch your progress via the real time results available online. Well done!

Have you any Chris given any thought to one day racing solo?

Jeff said...

Nice work in Moab. I was one of the defeated SS guys you put the wood to. OUCH!