Saturday, October 20, 2007

The weather has been a bit bi-polar this week. Chris and I rode Wednesday and it was chilly and wet. I attributed my chilliness to the fact that I was a bit underdressed. To my defense though we were mountain biking and I assumed I would warm up once we got started. I did get warm but not as warm as I have been accustom to. I suffered from the same experience on my road ride Thursday. As I was getting my bike ready it seemed warm. So I did not dress as appropriately as I should. By the end of ride, I had come to the conclusion that warm riding was over and I need to break out the warm stuff.

On Friday, I brought lots of warm riding clothes to work for my mid day ride. It was nice and warm...mid 70's. I was plenty warm on this ride. I rode up to Vivian Park. I wanted to get some pictures of the Provo River Trail with all the leaves. I was just in time. On my way down there were workers clearing the leaves off the trail.

It was cold and rainy again today. So the leaves are back down on the trail. You can really see it in this picture, but it snowed on us today on the Bonneville Shoreline. We actually rode Bonneville South and it started to rain. Then we rode up Frank's and down Dry Canyon and it was dry. Then we did Bonneville South the opposite direction and it snowed on us. You can't really see the snow, but it was coming down.

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