Monday, October 08, 2007

We went down to moab for a weekend of training. It took some determination but Brad, Chris and I did make it down. We got off to a slow start with traffic slowing Brad down, then a long line at bajio and rain up the canyon. The weather seemed to clear once we got to Price and it seemed like smooth sailing. Not quite. In the nothing land between Wellington and I-70 the rear window on Brad's Element shattered. Yep. It was a zillion pieces. We have no idea how or why. The bikes could not have done it. Nothing was touching the window...nothing.

We had thought about stopping in Green River because of the chance of storms Friday night. This made additional sense with our given circumstance. We rolled into town got a motel room and went straight over to a car wash to vaccuum up the glass. It was late and I was tired. We wet back to the motel to unload. Brad was first and went to open the room and drop off an arm full of bags. Apparently that room was taken. It was dead bolted and some one yelled out that they were there. So he headed back to the office. The desk clerk made a comment about them being in the wrong room and handed him the key to the next one over. As he went by, we made comments about knocking first. Yep the room was occupied also. This time as Brad was heading back he and Chris went in and asked for our money back. We were going to camp it in Moab. She this time made a comment about people pushing open windows and using the rooms. We were pretty happy with our choice.

The next day it rained some in the morning but by 11 after taping some plastic to create a rear window, we were on our way to Sovreign riding from town. Riding was good. Chris got a flat again, but he only needed to fix it once this weekend.

I got my heart rate up to 200 beats per minute. That is s high as I have seen it, but it does not really surprise me. My training heart rate has always been really high.


Erika said...

200? And I thought mine was high at 190 - what did your HR average on a lap in Moab?
Just wanted to say good job in Moab, you are fast on that SS!!

Brad Mullen said...

Thanks for the great weekend, and the sore forearm and shoulder ;-)