Saturday, November 10, 2007

cyclocross was at wheeler park this weekend. although I have only done a handful or two of cyclocross races, wheeler park is probably my favorite venue. the course went the opposite direction as I had raced it in the past. I made my classic mistake at the start and over half the field started in front of me. It took me an entire lap to pass the individuals that I probably should have been in front of from the get go. I tend to do this because I figure they are more experienced and there is no reason to make them have to pass me. (I know it doesn't make sense.) On my second lap I pass who I think was the fourth place girl. The top three had gapped by that time. She (former 4th place) held on for a long time. Then it started to feel as if my tires were low. On my last lap I could not ignore it any longer. I stopped near the start finish and started asking if anyone had a pump. Some guy started pulling off my front wheel. I was emptying my pockets looking for the tools I needed. It was taking a long time even with help. Some guy then brought over a redline bike with flat pedals. I said thanks and took off. I realized after a very short time that I LOVE clipless pedals. They are one of the best inventions. I was also amazed that the bike fit very well. It got me through my final lap and I was able to finish.
After the race I headed back to Utah County and met up with Chris at Vivian Park. We headed up the Canyon to the Timp Trail parking lot. There we met Keith and Adam and continued up to the top of the Alpine Loop. We took the Summit Trail. I ended up getting gapped and got lost. I did not know where I was or where I wanted to be. I finally ended up by the road. Because I now knew where I was and how I could get out at that point, I decided to wait there for a bit and if I was not "found" I would head back to the car. I gave them 15 minutes. I was about to head to the car, when I heard Chris calling. We jumped back on the trail and they were a bit more careful about not losing me.
It was good to be mountain biking again. I hadn't done it all week. A storm is supposed to roll in this weekend, so this will probably be the last time we will be able to ride up there until next spring. It was good to get it in.

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