Friday, November 23, 2007

Utah county has been experiencing a cold snap, so our annual thanksgiving moab trip seemed even better than ever. It was not supposed to be incredibly warm in maob, but it had to be better than the low 40's or upper 30's. So we came down on Thanksgiving day with Tim. We rode Porcupine Rim and it was excellent. It was a bit chiller than I expected to start off with, but the climb at the start helped. We finished around 2 or so and decided to just check in and hang out.Post ride snacking after Porcupine Rim

By the time we woke up, it seemed like a mistake. Even though the lady cheking us into the hotel said it never snows in moab. She has lived here for 20 years and assured us it would not snow. many times have we been down here and it snowed. Several. So in spite of what the long time resident said, we woke up to snow. Lots of snow.By 10:00 though, it was still snowing
We rode to Sovereign from town. It was crazy but after cresting a few of the climbs the trail or road would be completely covered. It would be completely white. By the time we reached the trail head it had stopped snowing and began to warm up for a little bit on the return. The sun poked out, but it did not last long. Coming down canyon was really cold.

We warmed up and got a bite to eat at the room. Then Chris and I rode just the first bit of Amasa back before it got too dark. It started off cold but it warmed up a bit. I thought it felt warmer when we got back to the car than when we left it. Chris says it as probably just because we were warmer.

Chris cresting a climb on Amasa Back. The sun never really came out to melt all the snow.

A view from a lookout point on Amasa Back

When we were leaving the parking lot there were BASE jumpers packing their chutes. We heard and then saw on as we were leaving. As we were exiting the trail, again heard a chute open. It is so loud. We looked over and another was about to jump. Then we saw some one jump, there was such a delay before we heard the chute open up. We knew there would be more so we hussled back to the parking lot to catch the last couple jump.

BASE jumper from Amasa Back parking lot

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