Monday, November 05, 2007

We spent the weekend in st. george on our single speeds. the weather was perfect. one of my goals was to spend some quality time riding gooseberry. we rode the south rim, yellow trail, north rim, part of the practice loop, and bowls and ledges. we stopped by the car and dropped off some clothes and grabbed a quick bite. We then did everything the opposite direction. It was perfect and accomplished my goal. Keith and Adam were supposed to ride with us, but something delayed them. we met up with them for about 15 minutes or so. then unfortunately, they had to leave early.i made this climb on the south rim after a couple of attempts. it always gives me problems.

after gooseberry, we headed out to the race course for a lap and then out and back on bear claw poppy. Chris named this picture "sleeveless in november". it has a nice ring.

We also rode the hurricane rim trail. This is actually three trails hurricane rim, jem, and gould. everyone has said that we ride it the wrong direction, counter clockwise, but it has always been fun. we did not want to risk missing out so we rode it out and back. coming back (clockwise) was pretty great. I think out and back is perfect because then we don't have to ride on the road or go up and down the loose, rocky hill.
after that i was completely spent. so we did not hit church rocks like we had planned, but headed back home. i

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