Monday, October 29, 2007

We stayed home this weekend and it did not rain or snow. It was crazy dry. I don't think we have had a dry weekend for six weeks--except when we took refuge down south. Of course it was pretty chilly at the start of the ride and it did not really get warmed up until we were done. The weather was decent enough though.
Tim actually called us to see about riding. He wanted to do the loop but was easily convinced to ride off road. Chris, Adam and I broke out the single speeds again. Adam said he has only been riding twice since the 24 hours--ridiculous--and we have not had the SS out for quite some time. It was tough but definitely fun.

Tim and Chris cressing a climb on the way to the top of dry canyon. Tim decided to take the pipe on the way down Dry. One of my better pictures.

Chris coming down the burn trail

Here is the sign for the burn trail. Notice the flame retardant stains.

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