Monday, December 31, 2007

christmas was great. I enjoyed spending time with my family and watching everyone open their gifts. I ended up with some nice items also. Chris got sick on Christmas Eve. He came down with the flu. So he spent most of Christmas day horizontal and unconscious. Of course, by the 26th he was feeling well enough to go to work. Poor guy!
We headed south for the weekend. The cold weather and snow are driving Chris crazy. It has been a hard winter and December is barely over. Even Saint George was chilly and it snowed on us. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. On the Jem Trail we had a small moment of flurries. Nothing substantial, but it was still snow in Saint George.
We got there around noon on Friday and rode the race course twice. By the end of the second lap Chris was not feeling so good and we abondoned the idea of go down and then up Bear Claw Poppy. Chris said I could go without him, but I did not feel like riding solo.
Saturday, he felt better. We rode the Jem Trail to Hurrican Rim. I was on my single speed, but Chris brought down gears. I kept a good pace going though. It was so much fun. That trail is one of my favorites. It is longer which adds to its appeal.
A view of ice from Jem Trail
Chris feeling the effects of the cold

View from Hurrican Rim

Then we stopped at Lin's to grab some quick food and headed out to Church Rocks. We kept our eyes out for polygamist, but we did not catch a glimpse of any this time. Lin's in Hurricane always reminds us of polygamists. Church Rocks was a blast. We usually ride this trail at the end of a long weekend and I tend to be totally spent. It has some really rough sections that are exasperated by fatigue. This was as fresh and strong as I can remember feeling while riding it.

View from the Church Rock's Intersection

Looking chunky on Church Rocks--time to get serious about diet

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