Monday, December 24, 2007

this weekend was all about humility, but I will get to that. Due to the weather, my schedule, and various other obastacles, I did not ride my bike all week. Not on Monday, nor Tuesday, Wendesday, Thursday, or Friday. I did run on a few of these days because I am not completely lazy, but it is just not the same. I think I need new runnng shoe though because my hip started to hurt quite badly. In college, I ran with bad shoes and my hip, then knee and back all started hurting. It was my IT band. I am guessing it is the same thing.

I so looked forward to riding this weekend. As a safety net, though I did go to spin on Saturday morning...just in case. Chris and I tried riding on Bonneville (north towards Orem), the Alpine Loop, the path by Vivian Park, and Squaw Peak. Nothing was really ridable. We would try, spin out, hike for a bit, and turn around. Sometimes the return route was ridable, sometimes it was not. The only thing that was ridable was the road above the race course and below Franks. But it is just a road...and my geared bike it getting the brakes rebled so all I have is my single speed.

Chris may have given up trying to ride (outside) through the winter and mentioned looking for snow shoes. I think that would be great. I plan on riding a minimum of three times a week after the new year to start training, but snow shoeing would be ideal for inbetween. I know that I already have snow shoes, but I would much prefer to go with Chris then by myself.


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