Sunday, December 09, 2007

This weekend's weather was a lot like last weekend. So again i did not go to the cyclocross race. It snowed all day on saturday again. Well, that is not entirely true it started off raining. It rained all day on Friday and carried over until Saturday morning. I went to the gym for spin just in case.
We did a snow ride in the afternoon. It was great snow for riding. We did multiple laps on the race course. Chris spotted Pugsly tracks again. It was the same guy. We then took the road up to Dragon's Back. We had to hike the last steep climb before the trail because the snow was deep and the road is steep. I thought it was all down hill from there and it is for the most part. Everything was as good as it should until we got to the penultimate descent before the trail hooks up to the dirt road. This area (apparently) is very exposed. The wind was blowing and it was blizzard like conditions. It was so cold on my face...mainly my left cheek. I seriously questioned whether I would make it. The rest of me was fine but the wind was relentless on my face. I could hardly keep my eyes open to see the trail. I was traveling faster than I had all day and the wind was freezing. I kept telling myself to keep going...just keep going. I was so excited to reach the protected section of the trail. When we got down to the paved trail Chris assumed I had had enough and suggested returning to the car. It was just another Chris and KC adventure.


Racer Jared said...

Chicken ;) um if you have the car you should be at the race;)

maren wants a pugsly too

KC said...

we did not have the car. Then we could have made it no problems.