Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have not been on my bike for four days. This is a very long time for me. The weather has been incredibly cold and the snow is fairly deep. I have tried to stay active though. That means cross training. I decided that the real purpose behind cross training is to remind you how much you really enjoy the bike. It is totally working.
Last year I got a pair of snow shoes from my mom, but never used them. (Sorry Mom). There was not much snow after I got them and I was...not scared...apprehensive about using them. I just wasn't sure how to go about it. This week though I just did it. Chris helped of course. He made sure I had what I needed besides the snow shoes themselves. He doesn't like to admit it but I am pretty sure he likes me.
My snow shoes

Monday, for the first time, I went snow shoeing. It reminded me a bit of riding in the snow. I enjoyed climbing, but it was really cold and wet by the time we started descending. By the time I got to the car I was miserable.
Tuesday I went running. I don't mind running, but it is not nice on my body. I end up really achey the next day. It is especially hard to run on consecutive days for me.
Today I went snow shoeing again. I learned a lot from my first experience about what I want to wear and how to stay dry. It was more enjoyable in that regards. I did it solo which was not as fun though.

Before my second snow shoeing experience. The light is for after the sun goes down.

Does anyone know if it is normal to kick an insane amount of snow up while snow shoeing? It collects in my jacket and makes my backside cold. Is this due to poor technique or my gait or something? Or is that just a part of snow shoeing?

Some deer were watching me

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