Saturday, December 01, 2007

We got the snow that the meteorologist promised us earlier this week. It was a few days late, which was nice. It really came down. It was supposed to snow this morning and then taper off, but it did not stop until about 4:00 pm. We started riding around 11 and it was snowing.

Chris getting his bike together in the snow.

We rode until about 2 and it was still snowing. The plan was to ride Chris' favorite, up the race course to Frank's taking Betty. Then up, over and down dry. We had a hard time climbing out of the race course, so by the time we got to the road to take Betty, Chris realized we would have to walk it. Disappointedly, he suggested we just take the road and go down Dragon's Back. We did that and then started to climb to the top of Squaw Peak, but by the time we got maybe half way there the road was ridiculously slick. We turned around and took Bonneville South down the canyon to the equestrian parking lot.

Riding Bonneville South in the Snow

We made it back to the car a little after 1:00, but then chris saw the tracks to a Surly Pugsley. He became excited and and started following the tracks. We started up the road from Timpanogos Park. There was a guy walking down the road. Chris asked if he saw anyone on a bike. The man's response was classic. He said that there was a guy on a bike and it had the biggest tires he had ever seen. Chris' excitement grew. He sped up and I lost him, but I could easily follow his and the wide endomorph 3.7 track. By the time I caught up to him, the pugsley rider had offered Chris a ride on his bike. They exchanged bikes and Chris started riding it. He fell in love.

Chris riding a borrowed Pugsley. Check out those 4 inch tires!

Chris climbed up the first climbe before Dragon's Back easily on the Pugsley.

Chris descending below Dragon's Back

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Brad Mullen said...

You guys make me smile :-)