Saturday, November 24, 2007

It was supposed to be a balmy 45 degrees today so we were excited to get riding. The trail of choice was Flat Pass. The road between the parking lot and the trail climbed, so sunny and 35 at the start seemed really nice. The river crossing made me a bit nervous because I knew it was going to be cold, but luckily it was not very deep.

There was a surprising amount of snow on the trail.

Flat Pass is not really flat as the name may insinuate. It is a series of ledges that climb and descend. It is really fun when I am riding well. This weekend I really did not ride well. Some individuals would say I did not have my mojo. Based on the definition of mojo, this does not really make sense. Basically I could not find my groove.
Here is a climb I tried a couple times. The first time I did not pick my wheel up soon enough...or not at all depending on your perspective. I ploughed into the rock and my front wheel blurped.

So I needed to add air obviously. Chris then instructed me to pick up my front wheel. Oh yeah. I tried it again and had to put a foot down. I tried it again and made it pretty easily. I knew I could do it.
You will see here that I am picking up my front wheel so I at least have a chance at making it.

Here is Chris climbing a section. He lost a bit of momentum and bounced into a rock near the top.

On the way back (we ride it as on out and back to avoid riding on the road and several river crossings and sandy sections), I endoed on something I probably should not have. I broke my seat at the rail and the nose. The seat came completely off the rails.
That is not an invisible seat but just the rails minus the seat.

I tried lashing the nose and clamping the broken rail so I could still sit on it. That did not work though so I had to ride for about 20 minutes or so just standing. I was spent.
The worst part though is I was "that guy". You know the guy that makes it so everyone else has to stop riding. We had planned on riding Amasa Back after Flat Pass. I have never really been "that guy" before.

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