Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brad Keyes was hosting a 100K today from his prime property by gooseberry. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. We came down and stayed in a hotel because we are too big of pansies to camp when it is cold. We joined the group out on the mesa and started towards the descent. I, of course, let the mass go before me and brought up the tail end. A few individuals in front of me, a guy slid on a side hill and dislocated his shoulder. Luckily within this group we ride there was a rider who is also an ER doctor. He popped his arm back into its socket, but he and his friends decided it would be best to not take part in the day's adventure and peeled off.
I opted to walk a large portion of this descent so I would not join the likes of Christian. It was really steep and rocky. Then road at the bottom had these crazy muddy patches. They did not look like they would be that bad, but it was a sticky mud that would build up on the bikes. I had to stop several times becaue I could hardly pedal. Chris said, I was high maintenance in the mud.
I tried to keep a really good pace so Chris could ride at the front with a couple of guys and not feel badly about leaving me behind. My heart rate was in the mid 170's most of the day. At about hour 5, I was done. I had nothing left. My legs were completely spent. I tried to keep a desent pace, but started falling off the back. At that time, Chris and I were riding with Kenny and Josh. As I continued to struggle, I tried to hide my embarrassment. I did not want to keep these guys back.

Apparently though Josh was feeling it too. As he said Kenny put the hurt on him. Josh and I decided to hike back up to the vehicles while Kenny and Chris were going to head to the road and take it back--this was a longer route. The hike was really difficult on the return, but I was glad to make it back.

I was somewhat surprised at how tough it was. I feel like I have done a 100 mile race--not a 40 mile ride. Here are some of my theories on this. 1. It was just too soon. I have done very little riding like this. Ok, so no riding like this since the fall. 2. I may have gone too hard. My heart rate monitor registered 202 bpm as my max for the day. I am not sure when that was, but I was pushing. 3. I may not have fueled as I should. I brought a little over 400 calories with me. I had meant to bring more but it ended up in the wrong pocket as I was getting ready and it was left. Most likely it was a combination.

It was a good time though. Thanks so much Brad! (for the ride and stolen pix).

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bradkeyes said...

It was way tough! You made it look like a walk in the park. Thanks for coming down.