Sunday, January 27, 2008

After much confusion and indecision (we are really, really sorry Reed), chris and I made our way down to moab. Karl, Carson, and Scott preceded us by just a bit. And Brad was not far behind. The weather was colder than expected, but the riding was good. Karl secured us a fare-free condo which made convenient.
Once it warmed up a bit, we headed out to ride sovereign from town. Of course, the previous night's discussion on where we would ride was met with some snickers and heckling. Carson often refers to this as Chris's Trail. What can we say, it is a classic moab trail. Then we stopped for a quick bite and a change of clothes before heading out to Amasa Back, another classic. I was surprised at the amount of snow on the ground. The trails were pretty clear though.

Brad taking his single speed out for its first of many weekends in moab.

Karl leading Carson on Soveriegn.

Chris clearing an obstacle on Amasa Back. Moab?
And the views.

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Anonymous said...

Your crazy riding in the cold like that. Last night was fun. Thanks for inviting me.