Thursday, February 07, 2008

Alright, so I made a comment a couple weeks ago about needing to lose some weight. I was simply referring to my winter weight. I tend to slim down just a bit once I have an opportunity to train at an increased volume outside with ample sunlight and warmth.
Apparently though I need to be a bit more serious not just about losing my winter weight, but just weight in general. I have broken my third, yes my third, saddle in probably less than 18 months.

It has been the same saddle each time. I love it. It is light and comfortable. But I suppose after three times I should realize that I am too much for it. Bontrager has been great and warrantied it the last two times and I am assuming they will again. This time there was no crash--nothing. Chris actually relized it was broken after we got back earlier this week when he was moving my bike. The only indication was creaking while riding.
I a bit perplexed because my winter weight is 125 pounds. Not light, but there are lots heavier riders out there. I am not what most would consider an aggressive rider either. So is it me or the seat?

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UltraRob said...

Even when I'm race fit I'm nearly 170 lbs. I do 100 milers and 24 hour solo races. I also tend to be pretty aggressive on the downhills. I didn't race last year and I'm tipping the scales over 200 right now. I can't imagine that your weight would be causing saddles to break.

I've been several saddles over the years. Mine is really creaking right now and I keep checking it. It doesn't appear broken but it has me worried.