Sunday, February 03, 2008

I went into the wrong profession. I should have been a meteorologist. I can not tell you how many times we have made plans or rearranged things because of the weather only to get stuck in the worst of it. The most recent example was Friday. We had planned to come down to St. George but instead of coming down on Friday night opted for Saturday morning. It was supposed to snow all night tapering off around 1 am. It actually did not snow most of the afternoon, evening, and night. But we did wake up to snow and it snowed all the way to Cedar City. Luckily, though the transition from Cedar City to St. George was all we would hope it would be. It was sunny, warm, and dry as we rode Barrel Roll, Bear Claw Poppy to the race course and back again.
Tim was trying out his new Mommasita which he describes as sexy. It took him some time to find his flow but he improved on the second lap. On the way from the top of Bear Claw Poppy to the race course, Tim did not just endo, but did a front flip with his bike. I was behind him and he just went over fast. His helmet and face seemed to take the brunt of it. After wards, we noticed that his shock was not holding air. The theory is the sagging put his weight too far forward and a little flat rock tossed him. It was crazy.
Now although it was not supposed to start raining until 1 pm, it is now raining and has been for quite some time. It is very, very wet.

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