Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We got some information on places to ride in Phoenix from a local. We attempted to follow them, but things did not go as planned. We made it to South Mountain but it was not the entrance we ultimately wanted. We were looking for Pima Canyon, not the entrance off Central. Not knowing this at the time, we asked the Ranger at the booth to recommend the best trail(s) to ride. He said “Holbert Trail” was the one most mountain bike on. He continued to mention that it is often a trail that is shuttled. We don't shuttle so we parked at the bottom. We started riding up, but that turned to hiking.

At the base of Holbert there was some Indian art. Chris questioned the authenticity.

Not so ridable especially on a recovery day

Even less ridable

This was not a trail I would consider a mountain bike trial. After b-hiking to the top we took the road back because it really was not a trail that would be safe riding down. After a short time on the road, my knee started bothering me again. I stayed clipped in but did one leg isolations with my left leg. It looks like I will truly have to take some time off. I am pretty upset about this. With my luck the weather will be good this week also.

A decent view from the top of Holbert

Chris moutained biked in St. George with Paul. The temps were in the mid 60's and the sun was a shining. It was Paul's first time on the Jem trail. They told me they did not have a good time, but they were totally lying. What did I do...work.


Keith said...

I hope you heal quickly. 1. I hate for you to be miserable because you can't ride. 2. The team needs you. Rest up and we'll see how things are in St. George.

Thanks to you and Chris for a fun weekend in the desert.

UtRider said...

Oh man, I could have hooked you up with some sweet rides. The Desert Classic at South Mountain would have been perfect for what you had in mind. Next time you're in AZ check out MtBikeAZ's blog. Either Google it or link to it from my site.

Hope your knee feels better soon. I've had my share of knee issues and it's not fun.